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Today's fast-paced times are making online dating sites grow like mushrooms after the rain. There's nothing easier than meeting new people with the help of a chat room. Today we take a look at another spicy dating site called First Date. Is it a revolutionary site that will help you find love or is it just a scam that gullible people will fall for?

First Date review

Make A Free Account

The front page of the site looks good. You will find a picture of a sexy redhead with beautiful hair and even more piercing eyes. We clicked on the red "JOIN NOW" button. 

You will be taken to a form where you will enter your email and password. The second part of the form contains the following:

  • I am a Man / Woman
  • I want to Make offers on dates / Receive offers for dates
  • I am interested in meeting Men / Women / Both
  • Display Name
  • Your Current City
  • Birthdate

Once completed and submitted, you will be redirected to your profile. You will also receive a confirmation email.

Account Settings offers the usual profile features such as uploading up to 20 photos. In addition, you can fill out the following fields:

About Me

  • Body Type
  • Height
  • Children
  • Smoking
  • Drinking
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • My Ideal First Date

Get Verified

First Date has partnered with to individually verify the identity of all members who complete this process.

Members who do receive a blue checkmark icon can be searched by verification on the dashboard. Purchasing an ID verification costs $4.99, and will begin immediately.

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How does First Date work?

In today's evolving dating scene, FirstDate makes it quicker and easier to connect with others. Their platform levels the playing field by letting Generous Members send personalized offers to Attractive Members, speeding up the process of arranging a first date.

What type of dater are you?

Attractive - Interested in Receiving Date Offers

Register and create a detailed profile with a standout photo and intriguing details about yourself. More complete profiles tend to attract more attention!

Respond to or Make Date Offers

Look out for FirstDate Offers sent by members or initiate your own. Either way, you'll find an offer soon! You can agree, decline, or propose an alternative offer.

Get Acquainted

Once you agree to a FirstDate Offer, the Generous Member will be able to start a conversation. It's then time to choose an exciting place for your first date!

Experience The Excitement, and Earn

Enjoy your FirstDate and discover if there's a connection! If not, no worries! It's just as easy to arrange another date and earn again.

Generous - Interested in Sending Date Offers

Invite Someone ON A FIRST DATE

Browse through FirstDate profiles and make your FirstDate Offer! The Attractive Member will then respond—they might accept, decline, or make a counteroffer. You'll get a response quickly!

Get Acquainted

After your FirstDate Offer is accepted, you'll use credits to begin a conversation. Then, choose a fun location for your first date!

Enjoy Your Date

Have a great time on your First Date and see if you feel a spark! If not, no issue! The process is so simple, that you'll want to do it again!

If you want to ask a girl out, you can make a financial offer. Before that, you need to upload a photo and complete your profile.

Main features of First Date dating site

Search profiles

You can easily filter profiles and individual users based on the many filters. It is available:

  • Distance
  • Location
  • Age
  • Weight and height
  • Body types
  • Education


Here you can easily see who has visited your profile. You can also add men and women to your favorites.  

Offers and messages

Here you can find all the date offers and messages in one place.

Payment Plans

If you want to take the plunge into chatting with sexy girls you'll have to dig deep into your pockets. It all works on the principle of credits that you spend when you send a message. 

100 credits = $50

450 credits = $150

1000 credits = $250 Alternatives

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US: 3250 Pepper Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89120

Hong Kong: Room 2103, Futura Plaza, 111 How Ming Street, Kwun tong, Hong Kong

Cyprus: W8Tech Cyprus Limited, Paster 6, Flat/Office 101, 1055 Nicosia, Cyprus

Email: [email protected]


  • Registration is completely free
  • Clear website
  • Save time
  • Easy filtering of profiles


  • No mobile app
  • No messaging without purchasing credits
  • Many fake profiles


Do I have to pay anything to register on First Date?

You don't have to, it's completely free.

Does the dating site have a downloadable mobile app?

Unfortunately no.

Can I use First Date for free?

Yes, you can view profiles, and upload photos, but the chat is charged in the form of credits.

How do I contact the dating site if I have a problem or question?

You can use this email [email protected].


Unfortunately, First Date offers almost nothing that makes it stand out from the average. You can sign up for free, but you'll quickly find that if you want to chat with someone you'll have to buy credits. You will also come across many fake profiles on the dating site that will contact you as soon as your account is created. If you put your mind to it you might be able to establish a real relationship, but it won't be cheap.





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